Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Charming Chair

Cute little yard sale chair I bought for $1 and painted.


Monday, July 25, 2016

Makeover Monday: Pretty Dresser

I picked up this nice little dresser for a song from my local on-line yard sale group. $30.

Very nice shape.  Nothing wrong with it.  I almost hated to paint it.


I love painted wooden things.


We'll see if I feel the same way after I'm done.

So here's my tutorial.

Like I said, there was nothing at all wrong with this sweet little dresser, so I was able to go right to painting.  Since I was using good quality chalk paints (Annie Sloan Old White and Paris Grey), there was no need to do any prep like sanding or priming.

And this would be why I am such a fan of chalk paints.

I took out all the drawers and removed the top piece.  I unscrewed all the pulls and taped off along the lines of where I wanted to paint white.

I did a coat of the white, and after a little while, did a second coat and removed all the tape.  So far, looking good!

Next day I painted they grey. I had run out of painter's tape and was too lazy to go out and buy more, so I just tried to cut in with the brush.  Sometimes my brush was flawless, and other times it decided to color outside the lines, but I didn't fret about it.  Just figured I'd fix it up once the paint dried.

(Here are some of the brush mistakes that I had to touch up.  No big deal.)    

So after two coats of the grey, and after it all dried, (and after I fixed all my oops-es), I took my orbital sander to the edges to distress it, then started rubbing in all the wax.

Finally, I decided to add a little something extra, so I painted this on the side, using the same Old White paint that I used on the drawer fronts.

I think I'll add a little bit of the design on the side of that top drawer.

And I'm not done waxing.

And one more thing I'm not done with.  Did you catch it in the pictures above?
I accidentally left her barefoot.  I forgot to paint her feet!

Oops (again)!

Back to work tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed this.  What would you have done differently?

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