Monday, March 14, 2016

And Now This....

Just started an Etsy shop.

I'm a brand-spankin' newbie to selling on Etsy, so be patient.  Be gentle.  I'm still trying to learn the ropes, and find out how to pretty it up.

My blog will be getting prettier, too.  Can't wait to see the new look in a couple weeks!

But for right now, here is the link to my naked, bare-bones Etsy shop.  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Few New Bits and Pieces

Had fun working on these new projects, which you can find at Rooted in New London, PA. Hope you enjoy!

Do you recognize the hooks in my coffee sign?  I bought them when I went thrifting last week, remember?

And this?  Also bought in my recent thrifting trip.  I painted it this pretty turquoise color, distressed it just enough to see the yellow peeking out, and added the perky little daisies.  Cute, right?

I LOVE using horse tack in my pieces.  In this case, I think the snaffle bit was the perfect thing to use in my vintage-look "Farmhouse" sign, don't you think?
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