Friday, August 5, 2016

First First Friday

It's First Friday, everyone!
What does that mean?
It means that my little hometown of Oxford, like a lot of towns, holds a community celebration of sorts on the first Friday of every month.
In Oxford's case, they close down the main streets to auto traffic so folks can meander and wander in and out of shops, take advantage of give-aways and discounts, and in general just enjoy mingling with the folks of their community.
Many vendors - Oxford Odds and Ends included - participate in special discounts on this night. For my own shop space within OOE, I will be offering 20% off on all glass and ceramic items in my shop.  
Unique coffee mugs? 20% off.
Interesting little glass vases and bottles and jars? All 20% off.
Since I only just moved into this little space less than a week ago, this will be my FIRST First Friday as a vendor. I'm excited!
Click on this link to see what our town put together for tonight. Looks like fun!

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Toilet Talk. #FeelingProud.

This post has nothing to do with DIY decor, or furniture refinishing, or how to mix up your own chalk paint.

It has everything to do with feeling proud of myself and wanting to share that feeling. Especially with any others out there that have found themselves on their own and trying to learn to be more independent and self-sufficient.

The downstairs terlet has been broken for a couple of days. I finally had a chance today to go out to see if I could find a replacement part for the piece that was missing. I had no idea what I was even looking for, but was not afraid to ask for help. By the time I left the store I felt like an expert. When I got home, I found the missing piece under the "tower" (toilet lingo. Don't even worry about it) as I had been advised to lift it up to see if it had gotten stuck underneath.

I was delighted. I probably wouldn't even need to use the new piece I had bought. However, when I replaced the part, and gave it a trial flush, it popped right off again because one of the flanges was broken. So I got the new piece out of the package and figured it out. I replaced the old hose with the new one, clipped the new piece in place, waited with baited breath for the tank to fill, and gave her a flush.

Voila! The toilet flushed. The new piece held. The hose held. Everything remained in its proper place and the tank refilled again.

For $2.97, plus the confidence to talk to the plumber guy at my local hardware store and put aside my fear of looking like a moron, I was able to fix my toilet all by my lonesome.

I am woman.

Hear me flush.

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